Effective, affordable Orthotic options for Children!

July 11, 2014

At Podiatry For Foot Health we can offer you a range of Orthotic options. Some children’s foot concerns can be managed effectively with customised, but premade orthotic devices, called Gekkos. These are suitable for children from approximately 2 to 9 years. Gekko orthoses are brightly coloured and appealing to young children. More importantly they are effective in controlling foot posture and function in young children, ensuring your child is able to move well, without discomfort and in a way that optimises normal growth and development.

Our children’s Gekko Orthoses can be used for flat feet, intoed walking, unstable feet and ankles, and a range of other concerns. Gekkos can be worn comfortably in a range of children’s shoes like joggers, school shoes, footy boots and farm boots.

Our children’s orthoses can be worn in a range of shoes!

Gekkos are customised, but premade. This means that they can be an affordable alternative to fully customised orthoses. Most Private Health Funds will provide a rebate on Gekkos- making them a really cost effective option!

If you are concerned about your child’s feet, walking or development, please contact us for an appointment. Our Podiatrist will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of your child’s foot concerns and a range of management options.


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