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About Us

Welcome! At Podiatry for Foot Health every client is cared for as an individual. We value friendly, prompt and reliable service, focusing on the best possible treatment and education for each individual. We provide expert care for people of all ages. We use up to date techniques and computerised equipment to diagnose and manage your foot health concerns.

Most qualified team of podiatrists and physiotherapists.

Our staff are highly experienced, and with Masters degree qualifications, ensuring advanced skills in clinical practice. We work together to provide comprehensive management of your concerns.

Podiatry Services

Our comprehensive Podiatry services are available to people of all ages, with foot and leg, pain, disability or just concerns. We provide education, to individuals, groups and other health professionals, and we have specialised skills in the prevention of foot problems, particularly in diabetes and other disorders affecting the circulation or nerves,

Foot and leg pain in Adults and Children.

Your leg and foot pain can be assessed accurately utilising clinical assessment, x ray and ultrasound investigation.

Difficulty Walking or moving

If you are having trouble walking or moving we can assess your joints, muscles and other soft tissue structures to accurately determine the nature and extent of injury or pain, or pathology. We will work with you to decide on the best possible approach to managing your concerns.

We use a range of approaches to enhance your foot function and movement. These may include exercise, orthoses, medical appliances and footwear.

Customised Orthotics.

Our Orthoses are comfortable and effective!

We use accurate methods for creating an impression of your foot, to ensure the most comfortable and functional orthotic. Orthoses are laboratory designed and manufactured for you, utilising a range of suitable materials available.

You are involved in making decisions about your orthotic at each stage, ensuring that you are provided with the Orthotic that suits your feet best

Help with Shoes

We can assess your current footwear and provide advice about shoes that will support and cushion your particular foot type. We can suggest styles of footwear that will suit your foot and the activity you want it for; whether for work, sport, leisure or at home.

Advice about Exercise

We help structure an exercise program that will be comfortable, achievable and enjoyable. Where appropriate we work together with the physiotherapists to ensure you feel better sooner.

Instrument Sterilisation

All Instruments used in the clinic are sterilised professionally and individually packaged, in accordance with Australian Standards.

Modern equipment and techniques.

We have a modern, up-to-date, and fully computerised practice to ensure that your concerns are managed effectively and efficiently. Our records are maintained securely and confidentially.


  • Foot Care, including nail and skin care
  • Diabetes Care
  • Custom designed orthoses
  • Footwear Assessments and Advice
  • Children’s Developmental and Foot Pain Assessments
  • Treatment for leg and foot pain
  • Sports Injuries.

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