About Lisa

Lisa de Jong – Director and Podiatrist

Master of Health Science (Podiatry), QLD University of Technology

Graduate Diploma of Business (Administration) QLD University of technology

Member, Australian Podiatry Association

I am a Director of CSS and a Podiatrist at Podiatry For Foot Health. Over the course of my career I have worked as a Podiatrist in different health care settings including city and country hospitals, Community Health, private practice and in clinical teaching roles for podiatry and medical students.

The aspect of my work I love the most is managing adult leg and foot pain. I like the challenge of identifying the cause of pain and providing strategies for recovery and the maintenance of leg and foot health.  I think what is most important is helping people to stay active and doing what they enjoy – without pain or disability.

I use ‘best practice’ when it comes to treating leg and foot health problems. That means, I consider the very latest scientific research and use those management strategies that have been rigorously tested and shown to be most effective.

When I am not in the Practice, I enjoy bushwalking with my family, beach holidays and cycling on bush trails. Otherwise, a freshly mown green lawn, a good book, or a chance to have a cook up with family and friends makes for a good time also!