Telehealth Services

March 22, 2020

We hope you’re doing well and remaining fit and healthy amidst the uncertainty of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Many are asking about how we might be able to provide a continuity of care and high quality physiotherapy services in the times ahead. We want to reassure you that our capable team physios and admin staff, with the support of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), are working to develop telehealth services, to keep you on track with your recovery and rehabilitation.

We already have our Physitrack online exercise prescription software which, along with PhysiApp on your personal device, allows us to send you video exercise programmes, and to monitor your progress and give you a platform to ask questions and provide feedback about your exercises. Physitrack has a video-conference functionality, which allows us to communicate face to face, to watch you do your exercises, and to demonstrate how you can progress or correct what you are doing.

We are also looking at other software to ensure that we provide the best interface that we can. We expect that it will be a really simple process to make a telehealth consultation. You’ll call to make an appointment, and we’ll begin by gathering some information using and email form or a telephone call to gather information about whether a telehealth consultation will be suitable.

We’ll send you all the information you need via an email, and your appointment will be pre-paid rather than post-paid. What about the cost? We expect that our fees will remain much the same, reflecting the time our physiotherapists and admin staff commit to your management.

Unfortunately, as it currently stands, there are no private health insurance rebates or Medicare rebates for telehealth consultations for services delivered by Physiotherapists; so your consultation fee will be 100% out-of-pocket.

The APA is currently lobbying the Australian Government to include Physiotherapists on a list of health professionals who can deliver telehealth and for their patients to receive rebates. With recent events, we’re hopeful that some rebate will be available in the future.

We’ll keep you informed, and will do our best to be there to support you.

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